Well kind of, I mean you survived 2016 right? I mean it’s not quite 1939 but hey living another year is still winning. To be quite frank the outlook for 2017 – it’s not fantastic is it?

After a few days I genunienly thought I’d have found some silver lining, however our EU vote has gone from strange to just fucking absurd. So in case you took a politics break this weekend. Let me run you through what the feck is going on! Our Prime Minister confirmed he was stepping down and […]

So unbelievably the World is still spinning, it’s now done – what have we done? Well firstly, if you were one of those people who voted leave to “Get Your Country Back” well the leave side have already backtracked on immigration reform. It would be economically insane to reduce immigration (which I’ll get to later), […]

It’s not been a good week has it? I’ve not been too vocal about this whole referendum but I’m going to try and write something that you might find vaguely useful. Because so far everything has been woeful.

I went to an event/conference sorta thing on Wednesday. Most are shit this one was really good. It’s was really geared towards inspiring people and someone touched upon a point I wanna talk about. I might be totally wrong and in hindsight it’s kinda obvious, but I didn’t properly pick up on it til after […]

I’ve got a very good friend, who I don’t agree with, but who has a very good point. He dislikes the entire concept of people mourning en masse about a celebrity that was in that ‘thing’ they loved but really they never met and probably had no connection with. I text him this morning, telling […]

… The deafening sound of silence. Three years of it to be precise. I have no excuse. I can’t even call this a continuation, I mean I’m not in the realm of James Cameron yet but still. So a complete restart, start afresh (with the same layout). I’ve got to do it properly this time. […]